Rising Beyond Crisis

Your donations are hope and help. You are making a difference.

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Your donations are hope and help. You are making a difference.

You Help Afghan Women, Children, and Families Rise Beyond Crisis

Your donations are hope and help. You are making a difference.

It’s been over two years since Afghanistan fell to the Taliban in August 2021. The breakdown in governance, rights violations, economic hardship, collapse of healthcare and social services, and inability of the de facto authorities to respond to natural disasters, among other humanitarian emergencies, have devastated millions of families across Afghanistan.

The last two years have been particularly painful for Afghan women and girls, who are being denied all their basic rights. Women are banned from work and girls are banned from education beyond the sixth grade. They are denied freedom of movement and barred from participating in every aspect of public life, among other violations too numerous to mention here.

The lives of ordinary Afghans, and particularly Afghan women and girls, are under constant threat. The crisis in Afghanistan has impacted the work of Women for Afghan Women (WAW). We have now:

  • Shifted the focus of our work in Afghanistan to meet the immense humanitarian needs of the Afghan people, while operating under severe restrictions imposed on us by the Taliban.
  • Expanded the scope of our work in the U.S. to meet the needs of thousands of Afghans and their families trying to resettle and seek safety here, after fleeing for their lives from Afghanistan.

Your donations are vital to helping Afghan women, children, and families rise beyond crisis.

WAW also remains committed to our traditional programs and services to Afghan and other immigrant women in the U.S.through our community centers' programs in the U.S., including:

  • Supporting survivors of domestic violence
  • Offering free English, citizenship, and vocational classes
  • Conducting women’s circles
  • Mental health counseling
  • Case management; legal and other support services

We have been empowering immigrant women and their families at our New York Community Center for over two decades. In May 2022, we expanded to offer the same support and services to immigrant women and their families in our new Virginia Community Center. In fact, WAW’s credibility and impact has led Afghans from all over the U.S. to reach out to us for support, and we have expanded our services to aid these new clients remotely.

By donating today, you are:

  • Empowering immigrant women
  • Helping newly arriving families settle into their new lives in the U.S., and
  • Coming to the aid of women, children, and families trying to survive, from one day to the next, in Afghanistan.


Your fully tax-deductible donations to WAW help our clients respond beyond crisis .

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