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Photo features a WAW Client in Afghanistan | By Leslie Knott, 2019

Your generous support to #AfghanWomenStrong allows Women for Afghan Women (WAW) to:
  • Provide life-saving and life-changing services to women and children affected by violence in the United States (US) and Afghanistan;
  • Train a new generation of advocates that promote women's rights as human rights;
  • Respond proactively to changing political environments in Afghanistan and the US;
  • Advocate to ensure women's and immigrants' voices are amplified and that they participate in all levels of society; and
  • Empower Afghan women so that they can participate at every stage of the peacebuilding process so that true and lasting peace can be achieved in Afghanistan.

We have survived attacks on our centers, threats to our staff, and every other crisis and political tide in Afghanistan and the US for over 19 years in order to protect the rights of thousands of women and girls.

If our work is at risk, the substantial gains and progress Afghan women and girls have made since the fall of the Taliban—are at-risk.

Donate to #AfghanWomenStrong today!

WAW is the largest Afghan women’s rights organization in the world—with 32 centers and comprehensive programs in 16 provinces in Afghanistan, a Community Center in New York, an advocacy program in Washington, DC, and over 850 full-time staff that serve over 6,000 women and children a year!

Together, since 2001, we have:

  • Provided over 57,000 women, children, and their families with comprehensive programs to lead empowered lives
  • Trained more than 396,500 women, men, officials, and community members on women’s rights; as human rights, helping to catalyze cultural change, and
  • Ensured the safety of nearly 850,120 Afghan refugees and displaced families.

With your contributions, WAW now has grown to 850+ staff members with 32 facilities in Afghanistan across 16 provinces, as well as our New York Community Center and Washington, DC-based advocacy program.

With you, we provide peace, hope, and the path to a strong future.
Your fully tax-deductible donations to WAW will help make this world a better place for Afghan women and girls.

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